Tuesday, April 22, 2014

AMFM247 Broadcasting Network Adds New Shows and Channels for TV

(Tampa, FL – April 22, 2014) – The AMFM 247 Broadcasting Network officially announced they will air the popular radio shows “Pavlina’s Kidz Place”, “Let’s Just Talk” and several other great shows.  Additionally they announced the launch of their Roku and WorldTV network.

The new shows added to rotation are:

Pavlina’s Kidz Place (airing every Tuesday at 11:00 AM (EST) and every Sunday at 12:00 PM (EST)) -  Pavlina Osta is a teenager who is years beyond her age.  She’s a musician and hosts her own radio and TV show “Pavlina’s Kidz Place”.  Every show, Osta brings you up close and personal with some of yesterday and today’s biggest stars in the entertainment industry.  Osta has been recognized and acclaimed by fellow reporters, legendary radio hosts and her guests.  In addition, her TV show will air on our Roku channel and WorldTV network on demand now.

Let’s Just Talk (airing every Thursday at 2:00 PM (EST) and every Saturday at 1:00 PM (EST)) – Nationally Syndicated Radio and TV Host, Kathryn Raaker, sits down and discusses topics that are important to our everyday lives, especially for the “baby boomer’s”.  She brings talk radio to a whole new level because it’s a discussion that you are allowed to “eavesdrop” in on.  She has acclaimed authors, new inventors, political analysts and so much more.  In addition her TV shows “Born B4 64”, “Chef You and I” and “Timeless Performers” will air on our Roku channel and WorldTV network.  

Adam Thompson Show (Airing every Tuesday at 12:00 PM (EST)) -  Thompson is a fierce New York lawyer who doesn’t take any crap.  He doesn’t beat around the bush, he’ll tell you exactly how he feels.  He tackles tough topics that most networks shy away from; exposing corruption, greed, criminals and more;  if you can’t hear it on MSNBC, CNN, or FOX you’ll hear it on his show.  His nationally syndicated show is highly acclaimed by his peers and networks across the country.

AMFM 247 officials announced their brand new AMFM247 Broadcasting Network TV channels. 

“We secured our private Roku channel, available to everyone free!  The station has on demand shows like “Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is”, “Born B4 64”, “Chef You and I”, “Timeless Performers” and “Pavlina’s Kidz Place” and we’re proud to offer these broadcasts to our viewers.  These shows also appear on our WorldTV station.”

You can sign up for the channel on Roku or watch on demand by visiting http://amfm247.com   

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